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The cough worries children mainly from the very onset of the disease, and if initially it is dry, then later it turns into a wet one with massive sputum discharge. In children, bronchitis is the most common complication of reglan pills infection. Conjunctivitis develops with adenovirus infection, as a rule, in all children, starting with complaints of pain, itching in the eyes, burning sensation, lacrimation and is accompanied by edema of the mucous membrane, injections of the sclera, mucous discharge from the corners of the eyes is most often recorded.

On the part of the intestines in children, the symptoms of a violation of metoclopramide work are most often manifested in the form of loose stools without discoloration, without admixture of blood, mucus, with the occurrence of pain in the navel. In generalExamination of the child also notes an increase in lymph nodes available for palpation in the neck, sometimes an increase in the liver and spleen is detected.

metoclopramide online adenovirus infection is very rare, but it can develop in newborns and children up to six months of life, in the absence of immunity to this infection in the mother and not yet formed in the infant. As a rule, this group of children often develop complications in the form of secondary infections of bacterial etiology with the transition to pneumonia, bronchitis.

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It is also possible that the fetus is infected during its intrauterine presence in the event of a mother's illness, which also causes damage to the child's respiratory system, a protracted clinical course after birth, often with spread to organs and tissues with their damage.

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The disease can be mild, moderate, as well as severe, which is based on the formation of all kinds of complications. However, the incidence of severe cases among all adenovirus infections is small. In all cases, the symptoms of intoxication syndrome are moderately expressed.

The prognosis of adenovirus infection in children is most often inclined to be favorable, and the child's recovery occurs within an average of 7-10 days after the first symptoms appear. Adenovirus infection in adults.

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However, thanks to numerous studies and a comparative analysis of the course of adenovirus infection in an adult and a child, it was found that there were some differences in the symptoms manifested.


When an adult becomes ill with this type of infection, initially there is a sharp increase in temperature no higher than 39 ° C, mild headaches, weakness and aches in the body develop, a cough also immediately joins, lesions of the oropharynx in the form of tonsillitis are possible, rhinitis occurs, an increase in lymph nodes in the neck area in all patients.


Also, one of the most common concomitant signs of adenovirus infection in adults is the onset of conjunctivitis, however, most often the right eye is initially affected, and after 2-3 days, the left. All the characteristic symptoms of this lesion are inherent in this form of the disease. Most often, signs of follicular conjunctivitis developed, less often catarrhal.


The process regressed, as a rule, within 3 weeks. Sometimes in adults with adenovirus infection, disorders of the intestines develop, manifested in the form of metoclopramide pain, diarrhea. From the side of the cardiovascular system, no serious disorders are detected.


metoclopramide was also found that adenovirus infection in an adult can also occur in a latent form under the guise of an ordinary ARVI, which is a great threat associated with a high risk of spreading it in the team, infecting family members.


In younger people, this disease occurs in its clinically well-pronounced form. In a small number of reglan tabs, a mandatory symptom is liver damage, which is accompanied by changes in the biochemical analysis of blood from some enzymes.



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